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The actual strength that seems to exist among the well- disciplined sturdy students of this institution is of intrinsic nature and invites us to exploit their hidden potential. Apart from academic excellence, the insitute runs various cultural and extra-curricular activities throughout the year. The Purpose of these activities is to bring exposure and interaction in students by various means. It cultivates a sense of self- confidence among the students which is not possible by mere bookish knowledge. The students take interest in activities along with process of higher learning. A brief description of activities is as under:-

Cultural Activities Proper emphasis is laid on cultural activities. Students are encouraged to take part in Dramatics, Debates, Declamation, Music and Dance, Social Service Projects and various other activities. Every student is required to join and become an active member of these club. Talent Search Competition is conducted with a motto of searching out the best possible talents among the students with a view of channelizing the dormant virtues of the students.

Sports & Clubs There are various sports and clubs in the institute which hold debates and declamation contests and arrange social functions from time to time. The purpose of these functions is to cultivate a literary sense among the students which further generates aesthetic sense among them. Such exercise produces a platform for the young and budding students to turn them in to Good Citizens.