General Guidelines

General Guidelines

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT:- All Candidates will be required to have a minimum of 75% attendance during the Academic Session, failing which he or she shall be debarred from appearing in the Annual Examination to be conducted by the National Council for Hotel Management. Noida.


FOR DETAINED AND FAILED CANDIDATES:- Detained candidates will have to seek fresh admission in the subsequent academic session on payment of full fees. Candidates who fail in the Annual Examinations can appear as external candidate on payment of the examination fees only.


UNIFORM :- There is a prescribed uniform code for attending the practical and theory classes that is required to be followed by students. Details in this regard are given below.


DISCIPLINE:- Students are required to maintain strict discipline in the campus. Smoking and chewing of pan masala etc. is prohibited. Consumption of alcohol or drugs during the course of study in an offence. Students indulging in ragging activities will be disqualified from continuing the course in the Institute.


AWARDS:- After successful completion of the prescribed course of study for one and half years, the National Council will award the Diploma to the student.


TRAINING AND PLACEMENT:- The Training and Placement Cell of the Institute co-ordinates with the various leading hotels for arranging 6 months Industrial Training for students. The final responsibility for Industrial Training however rests with the student.


TRAINING FOOD :- (Lunch) will be provided to the student in the Institute against charges already built into the fees.


MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION:- For teaching and examination purpose, the medium of instruction will be English only.


ABSENTISM:- Absence without permission will be considered as a breach of discipline and suitable action will be taken. Name of student absenting themselves continuously for more than 10 working days without written permission shall be struck off from the rolls of the Institute.


PHYSICAL FITNESS:- Candidates are required to submit a Fitness Certificate from a Registered MBBS Doctor as per prescribed Form given in this website. Admission will only be granted if the candidate is found to be physically fit for pursuing the course of study.


CONDUCT:- The student should have good conduct throughout the year in the institute as it is part of training for developing positive attitude and punctuality essential for career in the service industry. They are required to take proper care of the institute property and to help in keeping the premises neat and clean. Any damage done to the property of the Institute, by writing anything on the walls, doors or breaking furniture fitting etc. will be considered as breach of discipline and liable to punishment, recovery of loss or fines.




* Terrycot Shirt – White (full sleeves) (2 Nos.)
* Neck Tie – Black. 1 No.
* Terrycot trousers – Black (18inch bottom)(with 2 pleats)(2 Nos.)
* Terrycot Chef coat – White {Double breasted)(2 Nos.)
* Terrycot apron – White (half) (2 Nos.)
* Green check Scarf (1 No.)
* Chef cap ~ White (made of cloth/Paper) (2 Nos.)
* Black leather shoes with laces and Black socks
* Black V-neck pullover/cardigan for winters (1 No.)
* Kitchen Dusters – 3 nos.
* Kitchen Knife set- As approved by dept. I/c (1 Set)
* Plastic Name plate {Black & White)



* Terrycot shirt – White (full sleeve) (2 Nos.)
* Neck tie – Black (1 No.)
* Bow tie – Black (1 No.)
* Terrycot trousers – Black (18″ bottom} (with two pleats) {2 Nos.)
* Terrycot Service cloth – White (18″X20″)(2 nos.}
* Damask Dinner napkin – White (20″X20″) (2 nos.)
* Black leather shoes with laces and Black socks
* Black V-neck pullover/cardigan for winters (1 No.)
* Plastic Name plate (Black & White)



* Terrycot shirt – White (full sleeves)(2 Nos.)
* Neck tie – Black (1 No.)
* Terrycot trousers – Black {18″ bottom} (with two pleats)(2 Nos.).
* Black leather shoes with laces and Black socks
* Black V- neck pullover /cardigan for winters (1 No.)
* Plastic Name plate (Black & White)



* Terrycot shirt – White (2 Nos.)
* Terrycot trousers – Black (18″ bottom) (with two pleats)(2 Nos.)
* Neck tie – Black (1 No.)
* Terrycot apron – White (full size) (2 Nos.)
* Lab Coat (White), Half sleeves 2 lower pockets. (1 No.)
* Black V-neck pullover/cardigan for winters (1 No.)
* Black leather shoes with laces with Black socks
* Polishing Cloth and Duster {2 nos.} each
* Plastic Name plate (Black & White)


For any CLARIFICATIONS regarding uniform, the student can contact the Principal or the department in charge. The Institute does not authorize any uniform supplier The students are free to get their uniforms stitched from any tailor, as long as it conforms with the above specifications. No stylized shirts, ousers etc. shall he permitted. Students are advised to have two sets of uniforms, as they will have to wear it daily. Wearing, clean uniform to the Institute daily is a must. The student may he refused entry in the Institution/Training Laboratory if he/she not in the prescribed & complete uniform.