Rules, Regulations and Conduct Rules

Rules, Regulations and Conduct Rules

To maintain discipline and streamline efficiency, the following code of conduct is laid down for the students. Their compliance is compulsory and any failure to do so may necessitate disciplinary action without prior notice.

1. Students must respect all teachers and authorities. They must be polite under all circumstances.
2. Any damage done to the Institute property, to its staff or any other student will have to be compensated for. 
3. Punctuality must be observed. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the institute and continuous late comers will be suspend. Reporting time is 8.55 am. Half day leave is not permited. 

4. Personal hygiene and grooming must be taken care of.
5. The institute shall not be held liable for indiscipline or misconduct of any student outside the institute premises. 
6. Minimum attendance required is 75 % aggregate, failing which, student will be detained at the annual examination. Appearing for mid-term, pre-final and all other exams is compulsory. 

7. Students must bring their own books and stationery daily.
8. Medium of instruction is and students should converse in English as often a possible
9. Boys hostel is strictly out of bound for day scholars. 
10. No leave of absence is granted without prior permission of the Principal. Proper leave application must be submitted. Students continuously absenting for l0  working days shall be struck off from rolls, thus necessitating re-admission and line up to Rs. 500/-. 

11. No student should communicate any information or write about matter dealing with the Institute administration to the press. Taking active part in current politics is prohibited.
12. Students are not allowed any part-time job. Unofficial caterings or any other course of education along with training at training at FCI. Ajmer. Any student found doing so will be considered as a breach of conduct and disciplinary action along with suitable title will be taken against him/her.
13. Students shall do nothing inside/ outside the institute that may in any way interfere with the administration, discipline and studies.
14. The institute can not accept any liability in respect of any accident a student may sustain while engaged in training or practical work due to any reason.
15. Students are required to maintain proper discipline in the institute. Smoking. chewing of Gutka/ Pan masala etc. is prohibited. of alcohol or drug during the course of study is an offence. Students indulging in ragging activities will be disqualified from continuing the course in the institute.
16. in case of absence on medical ground. a medical certificate duly signed by a RMP(Govt. /Private) should be submitted on the day joining.
17. Library books are issued at the risk ot the students. They must be returned in good condition and lost /damaged books must be paid tor or replaced immediately.
18. Students must not attend any class other than their own without permission of the Principal.
Attending private tuition/coaching is strictly prohibited.
19. No society or association shall be formed in the institute and no person invited to address the students without prior permission of the Principal.
20. The mid-term exam results will be sent to the parents under postal certificate. If indicated, the parents advised to meet the Principal to discuss the 1/2yearly performance & attendance of their ward.
21. Students will be given opportunity to do outdoor caterings in the various reputed hotels and catering establishment only, as well as during the Pushkar Fair. This is a part of the practical training & students are expected to make full use of the opportunity. No unauthorized ODC’s will be allowed.